Monthly archives:March 2012


  • So finally, here it is! We get to share with you Part 3 Photo-Session from our creative winter photo shoot, made available for your viewing pleasure with the help of the masters of their skill – Purple Tree Photography team, and of course our very own red carpet certified Make-up & Hair stylist - Kira Tunin. This one was inspired by the long, cold winter days!  Don’t you just love winter? It’s always so nice when you see those first snowflakes falling from the sky, reminding you that the holidays are already near, and that soon your wish to leave all the bad in the past and keep all that is good in the future shall magically be granted through the spell of a toast and the clash of champagne glasses amongst friends! And so, even though outside it might be windy and cold, you suddenly feel cozy inside. You imagine a winter[...]
  • Social Media 101 For Mompreneurs and Businesses

  • Women drive our world forward. Even though it is a common belief that men carry the title of the provider in the family, this is definitely not the case with the ladies that I have had the pleasure of meeting at the Social Media 101 For Mompreneurs and Businesses, presented by She’s Connected Social Network for Women.   The event took place on March 8th in a very cozy restaurant called La Forketta. Amongst celebrity guests we had the honourable Mayor of Vaughan City – Maurizio Bevilacqua who gave an opening speech, as well as the Manager of Small Business Entrepreneurship Development for the City of Vaughan – Lorena Marcucci and the President & CEO of the City of Vaughan Chamber of Commerce – Debbie Bonk. The presence of people with such statue and role in our community created a very inspiring atmosphere, and at the same t[...]