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  • The Beauty of an Autumn Wedding in Toronto

  • One of the most beautiful and flamboyant seasons, autumn signifies its arrival with vibrant colours and a crisp breeze. Though it is a season of change, signifying the pending arrival of winter, it is also a time of bounty – the seasonal harvest, giving of thanks and gathering together are all central themes. Caprice Design & Decor specializes in floral design in Toronto, wedding planning, invitation design and more – let us help you incorporate the beauty of the season into your special event! Integrating all the senses Resplendent with the spicy scents and aromas of apples and cinnamon, autumn is traditionally associated with seasonal foods such as pumpkins, apples, various squash and other earthy root vegetables. Visually, autumn is typically represented with shades of burnt orange, deep reds, chocolate browns and mustard yell[...]
  • Messy Chic Bouquets – the Latest Trend in Wedding Floral Design!

  • Messy chic is a style that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Sometimes called rustic or bohemian, this style is defined by being loose, unstructured and eclectic. Taking its roots from outdoor garden weddings, where a handful of wildflowers would often suffice as a bouquet, this style came to grow in popularity to include other types of weddings. From rustic field flowers to romantic, unstructured bouquets composed of elegant flowers, messy chic can add a touch of rustic beauty to any event. Not Just a Messy Bouquet From outward appearances, messy bouquets might appear easier to put together than classic bouquets, but they require their own type of structure. One must work with the flowers one at a time, putting each together following the natural curves of the plant in order to create an overall harmonious look. Much li[...]