Choosing a Theme and Colours and for Your Wedding

Inspiration can come in many forms.

When it comes to your wedding, inspiration may be lurking in a magazine, a favourite trinket, or even a photograph. Everything from colours to thematic details can come about as a result of an inspirational piece. Regardless of where your inspiration comes from or how it strikes, Caprice Design & Décor can help make your wedding dreams a reality. We work with our clients to transform inspiration into reality. What you imagine can be realized with the help of our experienced and creative design team.

Some weddings have specific colours

There are some weddings that work beautifully based around one specific colour. For example, a wedding based on the colour yellow may have bridesmaids dressed in golden tones, lemons as part of the centerpieces and yellow decorations throughout the hall. Other weddings have a thematic colour scheme, as opposed to a single colour. For example, a wedding may be based on the colours in a peacock feather, incorporating rich purples, teals, emerald greens and blues into venue décor, dresses, favours, decorations and more! Finally, other weddings may have two complementary colours that dictate the look of the event – some choose elegant black and white, while others choose more daring colour combinations such as champagne and fuschia or coral and gray. Whatever colours you choose, it can be fun working with a colour as a guiding principle for décor – our experienced and creative design team at Caprice Design & Décor can help you choose your wedding colour(s), as well as helping bring to life the ceremony and reception you imagine by offering unique and creative solutions for your wedding.

Some weddings are seasonal

Some events cultivate a general feel based on the season. A winter wedding may have crystal details to echo the frosty snow on the ground, as well as hints of blue and frosty white throughout the décor. Elements associated with winter may be added to favours, invitations and more, such as a plaid pattern reminiscent of a warm blanket or candles on the table to invoke the feel of sitting next to a cozy fireplace. Some autumn weddings draw on the season’s bounty and incorporate cornucopias as centerpieces, with warm shades of auburn and orange as a colour palate. Perhaps autumn foliage or seasonal wildflowers make up part of the bouquets held by the bridal party. Seasonal weddings have a charm all their own and Caprice Design & Décor can help you create the seasonal wedding you’ve been dreaming about. Whether your wedding is in the heat of the summer, during the spring bloom, or any other time, we can help incorporate seasonal elements to make your event beautiful and memorable.

The theme is in the details

All weddings are unique and beautiful, but a chosen theme for a wedding really shines through in the details. If you’ve chosen butterflies as your theme, you could, for example, incorporate a small butterfly on your invitations, on your place cards and on your favours. Perhaps you will choose to release butterflies during an outdoor ceremony. Regardless of the theme, Caprice Design & Décor can help you make it a reality. We work with our clients to help them discover the theme that’s right for their special day and we also help enhance your existing ideas with years of expertise and experience. From graphic design for invitations and place cards to floral design for bouquets and centerpieces, we do it all (and then some!) to guarantee that your wedding is perfect, just the way you imagined. To learn more about how Caprice Design & Décor can help you plan the perfect day, contact us today at (416) 561-3832.


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