Choosing the Right Thornhill Wedding Florist

Choosing the right Thornhill wedding florist

Your Thornhill wedding has to be perfect. You know you’re going to need help to get it done—you’ve never planned an event before and you’re certainly no floral designer—and you’ve been looking around for weeks.

Look no further. Caprice Design & Decor is here to help.

Here’s how:

Unique Floral Designs

At Caprice Design & Decor we thrive on challenge. We’re always excited to hear your floral design ideas and help you bring them to life—no matter how extravagant your ideas might be. If you’ve been dreaming about the perfect flower canopy for your Thornhill wedding, bring us a picture of something just like it and we’ll make it happen.

If you only have a vague idea, we’re still happy to work with you. We’ll run all our ideas by you before we actually make anything, and your input is still an important part of the process, but we’re an imaginative group and we love creating new floral design pieces entirely from our own minds. We’re also quite fond of using crystals to help accent our floral designs and sculptures, making your Thornhill wedding one to remember.

The perfect wedding is created by a number of different parties. Caprice Design & Decor will work closely with your venue to make sure your wedding looks spectacular. We’ll also happily work with anyone else you’ve hired to help make your Thornhill wedding fantastic so everything comes together smoothly.

We’ll happily create unique floral designs for every aspect of your Thornhill wedding. You can even order a unique floral wedding cake topper or decorations for your car—just give us a call at (416) 561-3832 and let us know what you’re looking for.

Event Planning & Graphic Design

Did we mention we can plan your Thornhill wedding too? Caprice Design & Decor may be most famous for its floral wedding designs, but we also do event planning and graphic design. This streamlines the wedding planning process—after all, it’s easy to work with one company than to work with a dozen people from different places.

Our graphic design services will personalize your wedding from the moment you send the invitations. Small details make a big difference—your personalized reservation cards might be someone’s fondest remembrance of the night.

Call Caprice Design & Decor today at (416) 561-3832 and let us take the stress out of planning your Thornhill wedding. Just in case you were wondering, we are open seven days a week. You don’t stop thinking about your upcoming wedding because it’s Saturday. Neither do we.

Be Remembered

You want your wedding to be remembered as a beautiful event by everyone who attends, not just you and your teary-eyed mother. Our unique floral designs and sculptures can assure your guests will remember your magical day for years to come.

Your romance may not be much like what you’ve watched in those old Disney movies, but when you hire Caprice Design & Decor, your wedding will feel something like a fairy tale.

Convinced? Give us a call today at (416) 561-3832 and let’s talk about what Caprice Design & Decor can do to make “the best day of your life” actually the best day of your life.

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