“Wonderful world of circus” or Martins first year birthday celebration!!

We are happy to share another precious event we have designed.

The idea came almost right away:
Martin is a son of our good friends Lina and Maxim. Lina is an extraordinary person with lots of hobbies and a lot of love for stage , and performances… We had to do something big!!! No … Something Huge!!!

So here it is:
Red carpet, acrobats on long legged walkers greeting everybody at the entrance,
jugglers, magicians, clowns, the world’s cutest trained poodles, trained white doves, popcorn and sweet sugar stations!!! It felt like the whole circus came in for a visit!!
We came up with a circus themed backdrop which was created for people to take funny pictures with different props, which proved to be a great success!
The true creativity shined within the centerpieces, where we have simulated hot air balloons, with a variety of toy animals sitting in the baskets. Kids loved it!!
For the seating cards we had large colorful candy canes inserted into boxes wrapped in proper circus colors with each candy cane having a name and a table tag glued to the side.
For table card numbers we took Martins picture and created a graphic which we cut out and glued to a stand to create a unique and cool table number.
Sweet table was lots of fun too: lots of candy, birthday cups, gorgeous birthday cake with Martins’ pictures on the wall all added to the over all illusion of the true excitement of circus!
It was lots of fun decorating as well as being a part of!!

I am sure that in a couple of years, Martin is going to look back at these pictures and the great video which was craftily done by the Isaac image team, and he will be able to re-live these unforgettable moments in his life, which were put together so generously by his loving parents!

Happy Birthday sweetie!!!

Caprice Design & Decor Team

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