Floral Design is About More than Just Bouquets

When you start thinking about floral design for your event, what’s the first image that pops into your head? It’s probably a bouquet, followed up by center pieces for the tables. Any event planner knows that floral design means a lot more than that.

At Caprice Design & Decor, we know that bouquets and center pieces are important, but there are so many other things we can do with floral design. Taking your floral design to the next level will help make your event more memorable.

Here are some ways we can help you take floral design to the next level:

Floral Sculptures

A unique floral sculpture created specifically for your special event in Toronto is a conversation starter not just at your event but for years to come. Isn’t that what you want for your event—to be remembered fondly for many years?

The Caprice Design & Decor team is an incredibly creative bunch of people—if you can dream it up, we can make it happen. Call us today at 416-561-3832 to discuss a floral sculpture for your special event.

Car Decorations

That’s right, we said car decorations. Of course, you might want floral decorations for your car for the sheer fun of it, but you’re also sure to impress everybody at your special event in Toronto with one of our designs. It’s just one more thing that will set you and your special event apart from everybody else’s.

At Caprice Design & Decor, when we say we’ll create every aspect of decor for your event, we mean it. Including the kinds you never imagined. Car decorations are one of our favourite ways to make you and your event more memorable.

Everything Else

The Caprice Design & Decor team is always up for new challenges. We provide all the floral services we talked about above, but we’re also happy to provide any other floral design service you can dream up. We pride ourselves on being the most creative floral designers in Toronto and we’re prepared to prove it by making your event more beautiful than you ever imagined.

We’re also happy to help with other aspects of your special event in Toronto. We’ll help plan your event and do any graphic design work you need to make your event unique, from specialized invitations to thank you notes for everyone who attended. From beginning to end, we’re here to help make planning your special event the smoothest process possible.

At Caprice Design & Decor, we offer the most comprehensive floral design services in Toronto, and we’re always looking for new ways to make the event planning process easier for you. We know how stressful planning a special event can be, especially the first time around, which is why we’re available 7 days a week to help you ease your mind and get started.

Don’t stress about planning your special event any longer. Give us a call today at 416-561-3832 and we’ll help ease your mind and find the perfect solution to meet both your unique floral design needs and your budget.

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