With icy roads and squalls of snow its safe to say that winter is still here, standing strong! And even though it seems like we are far from long hours of sunshine and warm air, we are only a few months away till we see the peeks of greens and blossoming pinks emerge from the melting snow. So until those days are here (46 to be exact but whose counting?) we will take a nostalgic run down memory lane as we anticipate this years spring.


To begin our journey, we would like to share a creative photo shoot we did with an outstanding photographer , Svetlana Vesna from Purple Tree Photography, of a soft and romantic spring wedding – a time when life around us blossoms and love is in the air…

May is one of the most beautiful months of the year; its when trees are no longer naked, lilacs are blooming, and even peonies are out (not locally yet). Inspired by all this, we chose High Park as our shooting location due to its blanket of breathtaking Cherry Blossom trees – a sight so beautiful to which thousands of people make their way annually to capture a glimpse of the gorgeous scenery

For the first look, soft pink and lavender floral was used, very much inspired by our Cherry Blossom surroundings. For the romantic bridal bouquet, boutonniere and centerpieces we went along with peonies, lilacs, tulips, sweet pees and an array of other flowers.

For the second look we decided to use all green and white shades of flowers as a tribute to the long winter we had just survived, and topped it all off with a splash of brightly colored table arrangements.

We would like to give a special thank you to Paraezo for lending us their stunning wedding gown! Thank you to Anna Bortnik for organizing this for us.


Till next time,

Katya Agasiyants

Caprice design and decor.

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