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At Caprice Design and Décor, we treat you like Royalty – the way you deserve to be treated! Your wedding is, of course, the most important day in your life. Please believe us when we say that it is just as important to us too. We go the extra mile to make sure you have the most memorable wedding as you take your first step towards your new life. Trust us to pull the proverbial rabbit out of our hat every time. We have been involved in designing and wedding planning in Toronto for a number of years, but we treat each function like the unique occasion it is.

Not planning a wedding in Toronto? We are still here for you. Even if we cannot be there with you, we will do our best to guide you through a spectacular wedding plan, because we love you so! What follows are some highlights out of the tremendous amount of planning that we put into weddings — the nitpickers that we are!

A Year In The Making

The earlier you hire us, the better we can plan. Boy, do we love to plan! When the wedding is a year away, we start with your budget and your priorities — what you want to splurge on.

Once we know what you will be spending, we start working on the wedding style and color palette.

The next thing on the list is compiling a preliminary guest list — because head count is important!

We then move on to finding the perfect venue for you and help you set the date. This is where you remind others that you have set one.

We know that you have a complete picture of the perfect wedding dress in your head. We help you by designing the wedding around it!

Then come the vendors for photo, video, limousine etc. and we are with you every step of the way. Coordinating and matching your choices to the décor is what we excel at.


Almost A Year But Not Quite

Now for the wedding cake — you need it to be perfectly synchronized with the theme of your wedding.

Hiring the DJ/Entertainment to match your culture and liking comes next.

Then we discuss what you want your wedding stationery to look like and help you realize that dream.

A quick reminder for you to create your gift registry and get the bridesmaid dresses out of the way!

We move on to help you with your bridal shower or bachelorette party, whichever suites your fancy, exactly the way you want it!


Are We There Yet?

The next event to plan is the rehearsal dinner.

After that, things need to be finalized: guest list, invitations, vows, menu and seating arrangements to name a few.

Booking a stylist is the next step on the wedding ladder, then you pick your wedding rings.


Almost There

Get things DIN

D- Dress fittings

I- Invitations, wedding and rehearsal dinner, mailed

N- Nudge- your vendors and wedding party


Just About

Pick up your dress, marriage license, and wedding rings

Put a bridal emergency kit together



Look beautiful!

Get married.

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