We are thrilled to share some gorgeous photography from Julia & Gene’s wedding, which took place at one of our favorite venues – the beautiful and elegant King Valley Golf Club.

When one thinks of a golf course the words clean cut, precision, an structure come to mind. Not to mention the ultimate male bonding hideaway. Despite its fairway, rough, and hazard spots (a little golf terminology for the pros), a golf course can be the perfect location for a dream wedding.

With its lavish green landscape, peaceful and serene atmosphere its no surprise that our bride and groom, Julia and Gene, chose the elegant King Valley Golf Club as their wedding backdrop.

Working with our bride Julie was an ace! We came up with a rich color combination of champagne, creams, and touches of gold which gave  our surroundings just the right amount of a feminine touch.

The ceremony took place on a private terrace overlooking the golf course. A white isle runner sprinkled with red rose petals made its way to a beautiful and airy wedding arch.

We wanted to create something unique that would leave our guests in awe. What’s more elegant than a splash of crystals shining in the sunset?! This would be our focal point: a curtain of crystals trickling down from the arch, accompanied by floral arrangements on each side. As magical as this sounds, putting this together was no fairy tale task!

Our beautiful creation was attached to a railing to which beyond was a 30 foot drop into a garden of rosebushes. With the sun directly shining at us, my sturdy husband hung each of the 120 individual crystal strands one by one. After 20 repeats, 5 potential falls, and 1 mean sunburn we had finally achieved what would then be the fairy tale ending.

Standing on each side of the arch were 2 mirrored glass cubes, each holding a gold and crystal chandelier, topped off with large floral centerpieces.

Indoors, the head table was adorn with various flower arrangements sitting in low rectangular vases, sparkling gold candles, and 2 gold and crystal chandeliers tying in with our outdoor decor.

We had created lavish low centerpieces in miniature gold Victorian style containers to go on each guests table, along with some candles and gold charger plates to complete the perfect classic look.

We also had the pleasure of decorating our couples cake which was beautifully created by Rimma Teper.

Overall for this wedding we had used over 40 kinds of flowers, numerous types of greens and several kinds of berries to complete all the bouquets, boutonnières and other arrangements.

Here are some of the flowers we used:

Scabiosa caucasica hermina (Anika), Amaranthus green, Astilbia cream, Hydrangea white, Dahlias, Rose Caramel Antike, Garden Rose Butterscotch Cream, Rose Caramel Antike (Antique), Poppy seed Seeded eucalyptus, Silver brunia, Freesia, Cotton, Symphoricarpos albus white pearl, Arabacum Star of Bethlehem White Flower, Leucadendron, Lisianthus, Stock, Torreliana Seeds, Hypericum Green Berries, Anemones white, Ranunculus cream, Green Eyed Beauty Garden Rose and many more.

We are very grateful for the pictures which were graciously provided by Purple Tree Photography. Thank you guys! You have outdone yourselves once again.

And thanks for Anna from AK Makeup for doing an amazing job on hair and make up for our bride. Always a pleasure to work with professionals!

Till next time,

Katya Agasiyants

Caprice Design and Decor

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