Need a Floral Designer For Your Newmarket Wedding?

No matter how long it is until your big day, you probably feel like you don’t have enough time to plan the perfect Newmarket wedding. Of course you’ve already spent some time discussing it, but most of that was dreamy talk before the engagement, not serious planning. And you never really did any research on how to plan a wedding, which means you probably have no idea where to begin.

A great way to start is by hiring the right Newmarket wedding florist. Your decor is incredibly important – the right florist is one of the most important choices you’ll end up making.

Caprice Design & Decor features not just one wedding florist, but an entire team of the most creative wedding florists in the GTA. We chose our team for more than just their skill. We chose them because each one is an incredibly creative individual that adds something unique to every event they’re involved in. Each one has also worked with several different brides and couples before, so they know how stressful wedding planning can be and how to answer all your questions.

We’ll start by taking all your creative input and asking you what your favourite flowers are. You can give us as much detail as you want—or skip the detail altogether and let our creative team create something magical of their own. You can also ask us any questions you have about the design process or different types of flowers.

Once we’ve sat down and figured out what you want for your wedding, we’ll get to work creating unique decorations for your events. We often like to start with unique floral sculptures and centrepieces—sometimes using aisle decorations that double as centrepieces—and add small floral details to every aspect of your wedding.

If you want to take floral design at your Newmarket wedding to the next level, you can also request a handmade floral cake topper or even floral car decorations. All of these decorations are designed to be unique and fit a specific customer’s needs.

Yet Caprice Design & Decor isn’t just about floral design. After many years of experience with events and studying different arts, we’ve also come to offer graphic design services and even event planning services. Whether you just want some fancy invitations to send out that people will hold onto for years or you want us to take over planning your wedding completely so you can stop stressing out, Caprice Design & Decor can help you create a magical wedding you and your guests will never forget.

You deserve a magical wedding without all the drama poor planning can cause. It’s time to stop stressing out about planning your Newmarket wedding. Start by calling Caprice Design & Decor today at 416-561-3832 and letting our floral design team know what they can do for you. Soon enough you’ll be coasting towards the wedding without a care in the world.

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