Wedding Décor Woodbridge

Caprice Event Design and Décor believes that Wedding Décor should be used to add meaning to the special moments of life. A wedding is an event that will be cherished for the rest of one’s life, and at Caprice, it is treated as such.
The planning of a wedding is complex, and there are many different aspects that must be considered and planned for; however, a bride’s big day should not leave her feeling stressed and worried. This is where Caprice can step in to offer their assistance. From the subdued to the bold, they offer a wide range of themes and colors to choose from and will work closely with a groom and bride to ensure that their vision is achieved.
This event planning firm was selected as Wedding Wire’s Couples’ Choice Award in 2015. With years of experience within their field, Caprice is dedicated to providing their clients with a superior level of service.

In addition to offering wedding décor service in Woodbridge and surrounding towns, Caprice Event Design and Décor offers a number of other services, including:
  • Floral décor services
  • Graphic design services for wedding invitations and other printed materials
  • Event planning services
Caprice also strives to keep their prices affordable. Through their years in the wedding planning and décor industry, they have painstakingly built an extensive network of contacts throughout the wedding industry. Clients can benefit from their hard work by enjoying impeccable service and cost effective deals through their associations. Wedding décor is about much more than simply decorating a location. It should be used to heighten and tantalize the senses and create an indelible impression. Regardless of the size of a couple’s wedding, Caprice Event Design and Décor is ready to tackle the challenge and breathe life into a venue with their stunning designs.