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We were just coming out of the quarantine, which felt never ending, and visiting the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition for the first time, felt like a breath of fresh air, it made me feel alive again and so inspired!

The idea of Van Gogh’s masterpieces coming to live in front of our eyes accompanied by an incredibly moving music, left me in an absolute awe.

I couldn’t even imagine that I can be a part of that amazing, moving and mesmerizing experience.

Van Gogh had a special connection with flowers, he had an incredible sense of texture and colour, which with time would change for him, but nevertheless, each of his still life paintings have so much emotion and life.

The idea of immersive experience is that you get to feel things, see things, hear things.

Adding a sense of feel and touch, sense and smell would complete the experience…

In collaboration with @immersivevangogh and @show_one_productions we have come up with a series of workshops, where participants got to design their own arrangement, based on one of the Van Gogh’s still life paintings of flowers.

We have shared our favourite floral techniques and tricks while demonstrating step by step creation of floral centrepieces.


I’m grateful for such an amazing opportunity and loved being a part of something that extraordinary.

Special thanks to
@svetadvor Svetlana Dvoretsky and Immersive Van Gogh team.
Natalia Abramova, for being a creative force behind the operations and for making it all possible!!!
Big thanks to an amazing team at for capturing the moment (photo and video)!!!
@kevorkov – for your vision of the event (photo).

Can’t wait to do it again.

Till next time,
Katya Agasiyants.

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